Pepper Farm

About Bird Pepper Farm

Trinidad Charlie has been working the farm for over 24 years. It is an example of sustainable agriculture in an area where most people have forgotten about growing. Charlie has brought
seeds and plants back from every place he has ever been. The garden boasts the only teak trees on St. John.You can also find mango, papyaya, avocado, coffee, tangerine,orange, grapefruit, carombola, soursop, sugar apple, and banana trees on the farm. Of course Charlie also grows the peppers, papayas, pumpkins and limes for his hot pepper sauces on the farm.
You will see many beautiful ornamental plants such as lobster claw, bird of paradise and many varieties of bromeliads which you may have previously only seen in pots. The many varieties of palms include a tall royal palm which is over 100 years old. The farm is an amazing
experience for gardeners and plant lovers. Garden tours and walking hikes can be arranged.

For reservations and information email or call 340-227-8907